Jennifer and Justin

Wedding Date: August 18, 2012

Coordinator: Erin

Wedding - professional pictures 484I had so much fun working with Jennifer and Justin.  Jennifer was so relaxed and calm: a vision of class on her wedding day and throughout the planning process.  “Our wedding was exactly what we pictured and we enjoyed every moment of the day.  We put a lot of thought into the type of day we wanted and then we did a lot of research to find the right vendors and places that fit.  We wanted our guests to feel relaxed and we hoped they would be able to feel our love and share in our joy throughout the day,” she explained.

When I first gave Jennifer and Justin a tour through the Ohio Village, they knew that it would help them give that love and joy to their guests.  It provided the intimate setting they wanted without the restrictions they found at other churches.  “We loved having our good friend, Thomas, officiate the ceremony for us.  It was very personal.”  The size of the church was perfect for their guests.  It was intimate and comfortable.  Jennifer was also comforted that I would be there during the ceremony do direct the day and make sure everyone involved was doing their job.  “I didn’t have to worry about anything because I knew Erin would ensure people were where they were supposed to be and doing what they were supposed to be doing,” Jennifer said.

I asked Jennifer what her favorite moment of her day was.  “It was the vows,” she said.  “Up until that point, I was nervous.  I was thinking about being in front of everyone.  When Justin said his vows to me, I was completely in that moment and everything else went out of my mind.  It was like I could feel every single word he said.  It was really incredible and emotional.”

Wedding - professional pictures 353

I will always remember the music that Jennifer and Justin chose for their ceremony and the way their song choices made the church feel.  That is my favorite memory from their wedding.  Jennifer explained her choices: “Justin and I are a bit non-traditional, and I’m a child of the 80’s.  The first time I heard the Vitamin String Quartet’s version of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mind,’ I knew that was the perfect song for walking down the aisle.”  Fiddles and Faces, an amazing violin duo from Central Ohio, worked with Jennifer and Justin to create the unique and upbeat feel for their ceremony.  After the last bridesmaid began walking down the aisle, I closed the doors to the church and waited with Jennifer, her father and her step father .  Together, we heard the music change to “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and we listened as the introduction passed, the perfect moment of the song came and I opened the doors.  Hearing the church filled with that beautiful song, as everyone turned to watch Jennifer walk down the aisle was a very powerful moment.  I will never forget that.

Jennifer’s Advice to other Brides:

“Erin gave me a great piece of advice that I didn’t take!  Just before I walked down the aisle, she told me to take my time, walk slowly and take it all in.  Well, as soon as those church doors opened I basically sprinted down the aisle.  There aren’t even any good pictures of my walk because my dad and step-dad were behind me, tugging at my arms trying to slow me down.  So, I would tell any bride to really, really try to walk slowly!”


Processional: Sweet Child O’ Mine

Recessional: Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars


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