Sarah and Rick

Wedding Date: June 18, 2011

Coordinator: Jim

I have to admit sometimes on the initial meetings with a bridal couple you have a sense this is going to be a fun wedding. This is how I felt when I first met Sarah and Rick.

At first, some couples can become overwhelmed by the planning.  It was so great to have Sarah and Rick with wonderful ideas from the beginning. I usually say that our job is to pull all of those ideas together and then make it work on that special day.  “I didn’t have to worry about anything.” Sarah said.  “The last thing brides should be worried about is all of the details on the day of the wedding; everyone should just relax and have fun! Jim made sure that everything was taken care of and the day could be enjoyed.”

Sarah and Rick were married on June 18, 2011 in the beautiful Ohio Village Church.  They took full advantage of the unique settings within the Village to truly make their wedding celebration their own and create a classic and romantic feel for their whole day.   Take a look at their great shots by Benajamin James Photography.


When their guests arrived they found special signs throughout the village that the couple had placed out to guide them to the Church.  Each arrow was inscribed with a quote from their engagement that was very special to the couple.  As a planner it is always fun to see those special touches appreciated by the guest. I can still remember the reactions as guests read each of the signs and looked forward to the next one they came across.


Sarah even thought about making her experience of getting ready for the ceremony special. When she first saw the Victorian room of the American House hotel she immediately wanted to use this for her changing space.  Less than 100 yards from the Ohio Village Church, this space is decorated beautifully in the Victorian style of the late 1800’s.  It provides additional privacy for the bride as the groom gets ready inside the church.  When we asked Sarah about it she just gushed that “it was so much fun.  We watched as all of the guests arrived.  We got ready together.  It was such a great space so we didn’t feel cramped and the décor made for some great getting-ready pictures!”

Sarah and Rick-126     Sarah and Rick-382

Sarah said, “My favorite moment of our wedding day was right before I walked down the aisle.  All of the bridesmaids had gone, my flower girls had just left, and the big church doors closed in preparation for my dad and me.  My dad asked if I wanted to hold hands or link arms; I wanted to hold hands.  We stood there OhioVillageChurchfor a moment and my dad said, ‘Enjoy this.  It only happens once.’  I closed my eyes, the music changed and the doors opened.  I locked eyes with Rick and I could not look anywhere else.  I remember thinking, ‘Remember this, remember this,’ as my dad slowly walked me down the aisle.”  Sarah explained how surreal that moment was; there were 200 eyes on her, but all she cared about was her groom.

I have to say, one of my favorite moments of the wedding was seeing the faces of the guests while Sarah and Rick walked, with big smiles, out of the church to “Ain’t that a kick in the head”.  As the guests heard Dean Martin sing, you could see the wave of realization hit them as big smiles lit up each face.  They made a traditional recessional into their own unique moment; that is always special for me to witness.

Sarah and Rick-286

Sarah and Rick’s advice to couples planning now:

“This whole thing, the whole planning process, the whole day, is about you two.  It isn’t about what your mother thinks is best, what tradition says is important or what the etiquette books state. Make your decisions and be done with them.  Enjoy this time with your fiancé, because you are only engaged for a short time.  Then, enjoy the wedding day with your groom.  It goes by so fast that you can’t worry about all of the small things.”

Processional Song: Cider House Rules Main Title (The Notebook’s trailer song)

Recessional Song:  “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head,” Dean Martin

First Dance:  Sarah and Rick had an eighteen piece swing band play “MoonRiver” by Andy Williams.

Take a look at their pictures and tell us what you think!


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