Retro Wedding Fun at the Ohio History Center

Event Captains: Katie and Bailey

Happy New Year! We here at OHS are looking forward to what is sure to be a fun year, but first I wanted to introduce you to a couple new things here at OHS. First off we will be introducing new blog posts introduced by event captains as well as event coordinators. My name is Katie Sullivan, Event Captain, and I’m excited to talk about the second new thing which is our new exhibit here that I think you will just flip over: The 1950′s: Building the American Dream complete with a Lustron house. A what you ask? A Lustron house is a prefabricated steel home, and ours is decorated with tons of nostalgic items-TV trays, a Roy Rogers bedroom, old record players and more! It also comes complete with a backyard and white picket fence. Immediately we thought it would be the perfect spot for a backyard wedding. So we did just that, and I’m excited to share with you the images from our three 1950′s photo shoots that we staged, so you can see some great ideas for a retro wedding of your own!Erin Greene, our event coordinator, came up with the idea and the looks behind each of these. We had so many great photos from the shoot that we decided to make it into 3 separate posts. Let’s get on to the pictures from the first wedding, which were taken by the fantastic Mike of Shutterhead Studios and you can check out more of his work at He was our first choice for the type of wedding pictures we wanted to showcase in the exhibit and you will see why we choose him.

Our first wedding was pure retro 50′s fun. We used one of our other event captains, Bailey, to play our bride for the day! Here’s what Bailey had this to say about her experience “When I think of the 1950’s, there are certain images that come into my head, and when we were doing this photo shoot in the backyard, mere feet from the home I was placed right into the fifties.  From hair, make-up, and dress to ceremony, wedding guests, and venue – I was there.  I have always dreamed of an outdoor wedding, but living in Ohio I know all too well the weather constraints that we might encounter.  However, with the Lustron home, I was able to have that picturesque backyard wedding, without all of those factors.”

Doesn’t Bailey make a beautiful 1950’s bride? We brought in lots of help for this photo shoot and much credit goes to them. Bailey’s dress came from The Alley Vintage and Costumes, her hair was done by Rendezvous, and her bridal look was created by Makeup by Katrina. We decided to keep the ceremony simple, so it takes place in the backyard, under our trellis which we decorated with some simple flowers for an intimate retro feel.


For Bailey, taking post-ceremony pictures was the highlight of the experience. She said, “I could be that housewife while my husband sits on the couch reading the newspaper. The backdrop is not something that most people today would say that they had in their wedding pictures.”  I agree with Bailey, my favorite parts (for all of these “weddings”) were the photos. It is like stepping back in time and giving a fresh feel to one’s wedding but still letting your personalities show through. Plus, each room in the Lustron house is filled with 50’s items from record players to perfume, even the closets are fully stocked! Imagine all the fun opportunities for photos!



Bailey gushed, “Moving from the house to the dance floor, I felt that I could bop until I drop. Even though this wasn’t my actual wedding, this was one of the most fun experiences I have had.”

Personally, I loved all the retro finishing touches in the reception. The black and white dance floor, glass Coke bottles on the table, and the bunting on our head table. I especially adored the aqua blue and cherry red colors we chose, which we couldn’t have done without our vendors. The linens were courtesy of Connie Duglin Linen and the plates as well as event equipment came from Event Source.



I hope you enjoy this as much as we did! Don’t forget to check back so we can show you our other photo shoots. If you love retro weddings, or know someone who does feel free to pass this along because we would love it if someone could get married in our backyard!


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