Retro Wedding Fun Part 2!

Event Captain: Katie

Hello! I’m super pumped to share with you the images from our second photo shoot with Mike Stempler of Shutterhead Studios. If this is your first visit to our retro wedding photo shoot series; OHS has a new 1950’s exhibit, and we are showcasing it with our 1950’s wedding photo shoots. We wanted to show you some unique ideas for weddings and receptions utilizing the new space in this exhibit. This is the second of three blog posts, so feel free to look back at the first one as well! This shoot is one of my favorites because it’s all about Old Hollywood glamour. I am a big fan of movies from that era and I feel our couple, Amber and Jeremy, are the perfect fit to that vibe. So let’s get on to the photos!

The ceremony was held in our backyard, alongside the Lustron House and underneath the backyard entrance archway.I love that the bridesmaids can stand in a special place, along the house,but still leave the focus solely on the couple. I feel that Amber is an ideal 1950’s bride.It looked to me like she had been plucked right out of one of the old movies I grew up watching.


As I mentioned in the last blog post, I absolutely adore the photos taken inside the Lustron House. They’re so simple-just a couple sitting in the house, enjoying one another’s company. But I love the feel of the photos, Amber and Jeremy look like that quintessential 50’s couple: reading the newspaper and having a cup of tea. It reminds me of what I always tell future brides: at the end of the day you get to marry your best friend.  I think the backdrop of our home provides a unique way to showcase how much fun one can have. Ohio+Historical+Society+Mock+W-2704651628-H

From there we moved into our reception area on the red carpet. The black and white linens, with gold and red accents perfectly compliment the red carpet and help us pull off that vintage Hollywood feel. You’ll note we used a typewriter instead of a guestbook, which I think is such a distinctive way of having your guests sign in. Last, but not least was-that getaway car! We wouldn’t have to been able to pull it off, if it weren’t for our vendors. The linens came from Connie Duglin Linen, and the place settings and event rentals came from Event Source.Ohio+Historical+Society+Mock+W-2704667398-H

We had a blast working on these photo shoots, and I hope you enjoyed taking a step back in time with us to the 1950’s. There’s still one more photo shoot to go-and I’ll give you a hint about the next one. It’s all about the dress! Until then, I’ll leave you with more photos from our Hollywood glam photo shoot.


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