Retro Wedding Fun Finale

Event Captain: Katie

Hello and welcome to the third and final installment in our Retro Wedding series on the blog. If you’re unfamiliar, we have a new 1950’s exhibit featuring our own Lustron House and we wanted to showcase that with different photo shoots, highlighting our new, unique space which I’m very excited to share with you today. Today’s post is a bit different, in that this one is ceremony only. I highly encourage you to check our previous posts which feature ceremony and receptions if you’re curious about the other ways in which we used the space! Our photography for the photo shoots was once again provided by Mike Stempler, of Shutterhead Studios.

Here at the Ohio History Center, we get all kinds of special requests for Weddings and Receptions and love using our staff’s knowledge as well as our unique facilities to help put on the best celebrations out there. You may have seen one of our previous posts where we hosted a Star Wars wedding, but we also get several requests for vintage weddings. For some, it’s all about the re-enactment feel such as a Victorian, Civil War, or even a classic 1950’s wedding.  Others may use family heirlooms, such as a dress that’s been passed down for generations, and incorporate those into the ceremony. With that in mind, we used the relationships with some of our finest vendors to help us create this  wedding shoot using vintage pieces.  The Alley Vintage and Costumes provided us with our gorgeous bridesmaid and wedding gown that you see here.

Ohio+Historical+Society+Mock+W-2704738747-HI love the details of this dress-the lace overlay, tiny buttons down the back, and of course the length of that train!  From there our bride changed into her Honeymoon suit, complete with her suitcase which was popular for weddings during the 1950’s. This outfit also came from The Alley Vintage and Costumes, and you can see why we used them to help us create our quintessential 1950’s look.  In keeping with our theme, we also used Rendezvous to give our bride a classic updo appropriate of the time period.  Makeup by Katrina completed our bridal look with a simple, yet elegant feel.

As I have stated in previous posts, I love the opportunities the Lustron House provides as a backdrop in these photos.  Here we used the walkway outside of the house to showcase the bride’s honeymoon outfit. But what’s great about the Lustron House is there’s so much to see and do, there’s something for everyone and every couple.  Each room is filled with different pieces from that era, from jewelry, to rotary phones, to unique kitchen items, and more! Personally, I adore the uniqueness of the exhibit in terms of photography opportunities.

That’s it for us and our Retro Wedding blog posts series! Feel free to browse back to our two posts if you’re interested to see how we also used our red carpet area to create unique, vintage receptions for our other couples.  When we first started this series, we were looking to introduce you to our new exhibit built around our Lustron House and showcase the flexibility that space allows.  Hopefully, we did just that while also inspiring you with some of our retro ideas! I hope you enjoyed reading about them as well as enjoying our photos, as much as we did creating them for you.


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