Katie and Phillip

Wedding Date: 4.2.16

Event Captains: Laura Sisinger & Elizabeth Charles

A lot of our blog entries are describing the weddings and couple’s experiences through our eyes, however on this special circumstance we had a bride who was a writer and we asked that she write her own blog entry! Because of the extremely intimate setting, the couple decided not to go with a professional photographer, so the blog post is mainly text and the picture provided is from an iPhone.

Without further ado, here is Katie’s take on her wedding day…


“A need that lies in all of us is the need to be loved or to love. If a person is very lucky, they find people to love and ones who will love them back. Some are even luckier to find a person that awakens an even stronger love inside of them. If those people can find the courage, some will decide to spend the rest of their lives ensuring that that one person feels loved the rest of their days.

My husband and I were both lucky and courageous enough to enter into this lifetime commitment with each other. We were also fortunate enough to share a lot of the same passions and interests, such as history and romance.

The two of us are travelers and visit Civil War battlefields, museums and National Parks. We thrive on learning more about American history, National wonders and lands and what people endured before us. We find strength, great lessons and appreciation in the history of our nation and it’s people.

My husband and I had both visited the Ohio History Center in Columbus, independently, in the past and remembered it being beautiful and expertly maintained. I had never visited the museum before but had spent my time digging through the archives in the library. The Library in the Ohio History Center is one of those spaces that is hard to forget. The countless books, lovingly placed on rows and rows of dark, hard wood shelves, accented by natural light and that unique “library” smell, “Ahhhh.” There’s nothing like opening a book, sticking your nose in the binding and inhaling deeply.

I couldn’t imagine a better setting for the most important day in our lives. From the beginning of working with Laura, the event coordinator for the center, I knew that we had found the place we were meant to be married. Laura was energetic and genuinely excited for us. She was more than accommodating, professional and most importantly, full of ideas. As much as I love romance, it was hard for me to envision exactly how or where in the library our union would take place. Fortunately, Laura and her team did have a vision. She suggested where the ceremony should take place, my entrance into the library and places to take pictures. We only met once and for a very short time. Thankfully, that was all that was necessary. Laura was organized, laid-back and suggestive, which made me a carefree and very excited bride!

She wasn’t done yet though! My husband and I come from fellow history lovers. Laura, not knowing this, suggested we tour the museum while we waited for the Center to close. What a great and memorable experience. We aren’t able to spend as much time with our family as we would like, so the opportunity to wander about the museum together was remarkable. The exhibits were fascinating and beautiful. Our families truly enjoyed exploring the two floors of National and Ohio history, learning together and loving conversation with each other. When it was time for the museum to close, we were all escorted upstairs to await the ceremony to begin.

The ladies arranged a room to be available for me to get dressed in, which was adjacent to the library. When the guests were all seated, the coordinators started the music for us and when it was time, cued me to walk down the aisle. The stunning library and the acoustics of the vaulted ceiling all played a part in the overwhelming feeling of romance and importance of the ceremony we were taking part in. I could literally feel the support and company of all the great loves recorded in the books that surrounded us.

After the final, binding words were spoken, the room barely felt big enough for the joy and love that were present in all of us.

The ladies were very patient as we took pictures and collected our things. They walked us out and seemed excited and happy for us. I really felt like they were a part of our celebration and was very grateful for all that they had put together for us and our families. There are a bunch of spaces available for weddings at the Ohio History Connection including a chapel and garden. Apparently, the library has been overlooked by all of the past wedding parties, as Laura told me that we were the first ones to utilize the space. I strongly recommend to anyone who has a love for books or history to consider the Archives Library at the Ohio History Center as the location for their special day. I am grateful to think back of my many memories of this day and am overjoyed that the Ohio History Center was a part of it. Thank you to all the people who made this magical day a reality for us. Our families and we had an awesome time visiting the museum and library, and I assure you that, We Will Be Back! ”

Thanks so much Katie and Phillip! You were a joy to work with and we wish you the very best.



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