Lori + Joey


Event Coordinator: Elizabeth

Lori and Joey are a sweet, playful couple that were married in the Ohio Village this past fall after two years of dating. They met at the gym they both worked at, while training for a power lifting meet. “Joey had helped me train for that meet, and we fell for each other from the get-go. We were not only best friends, but it was the most pure, awe inspiring love that I had ever felt. And from that time forward, I knew he was the one.”Rogers9

They came to us two years later because the church “fit their old soul” personalities! We asked Lori what her favorite moment in the church was, she replied, “it would have to be the grand entrance. The night before the wedding was the longest amount of time we had spent apart (yes, really!) in the last two years, and it was such a great thing to get to see each other, to take it all in as I walked down to him.”

They also chose to do a unique addition, something that has never happened before in our Church! “We performed a foot washing ceremony to symbolize serving, honoring, and taking care of one another, and we played Johnny Cash’s song, “I promise you.” How sweet is that? We love when couples customize a ceremony to fit them.


Since Lori and Joey enjoyed the beautiful setting of our church, it did not surprise me to hear they enjoyed spending time going through the Village taking photos, “We had a ball and got some amazing photographs while also making memories!” With multiple buildings, Ohio Village provides a setting for photo opportunities that really lets our couple’s personalities shine.

Lori also shared what she loved about the Ohio Village for her wedding, “. I would absolutely tell any couples who looking for a venue to look at the Ohio Village. It’s such a unique experience not only for the scenery, but for the staff as well. Their handling of the bride and groom’s needs was on a phenomenal level. They were welcoming and they helped us avoid any catastrophic events.”  Thank you Lori and Joey!

Asked if she had any advice for future brides, Lori replied, ” Prepare for the marriage, prepare your heart, weddings are nice but follow what you fell in love with. Make your day about the two of you and your wedding will turn out spectacular!” What wonderful advice, Lori.

Foot Washing Ceremony: “I Promise You” by Johnny Cash

Processional: “Circles” by Jena Kramer






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