Danielle and Jordan

Wedding Date: 5.14.16 Event Coordinators: Laura and Elizabeth Event Captain: Katie Danielle and Jordan were a delight to work with this past year. Creative with an infectious laughter (which really shone on the dance floor!), laid-back, and flexible which came … Continue reading

Emily and Andy

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Jenna and Patrick

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Krista and Chaymen

Wedding Date: May 24, 2013

Coordinator: Erin

Krista and Chaymen: Talk about a cool couple and a cool wedding! The couple held a small, intimate, beautiful wedding here at the Ohio Village last spring where they exchanged vows in front of the people who mean the most to them. The simplicity was romantic, refreshing and made for incredible memories that I’m sure they will cherish forever.

chaymen Krista

“I was never the kind of girl who dreamed about her wedding day, but I could not have imagined a more beautiful day,” said Krista after I followed up with her about the special day. “My favorite moment was right after the ceremony. Since we had only immediate family and a few close friends, we were met with a sea of hugs after we were pronounced husband and wife. There was not a dry eye in sight.” For the ceremony, they picked the spot of the village where they were shaded by the weeping willow tree with the vineyard behind them. The setting was gorgeous.

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I can’t pick just one favorite moment from this wedding so here are two:
1.) The arrival. All of the wedding party and the guests arrived at the Ohio Village together on a trolley. How cool is that? Because the guest list was so short, they all could truly spend the whole day together.
2.) The reception. The Ohio Village has a small little nook that we call the Beer Garden. With black iron tables and chairs, a bar (called the Elks Head Tavern) and a beautiful arbor, it is romantic and unique. After snapping a few photos around the village, Krista and Chaymen joined their dozen guests in the Beer Garden. Keeping true to their style, they kept things simple. Delicious food, a mimosa bar, laughs, and love.

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“I recommend the Ohio Historical Society because it’s unique and understated,” said Krista.  “There are plenty of choices when it comes to ceremony sites and the staff is incredibly accommodating. Some of the most fun we had that day was taking photos with our wedding party at the Ohio Village. How can you not have fun with your best women while posing in front of the Female Seminary sign?”

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Advice from Krista:

No matter how nontraditional, do exactly what you want to do on your wedding day. Don’t give into pressure.

Thank you Brian Gluys and 222 Photography for the incredible shots!

Matt and Dayna

Wedding Date: June 22, 2013

Coordinator: Erin

Matt proposed to Dayna in Walt Disney World during the fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom…seriously.  Fireworks in the Magic Kingdom.  Yes please.

After that moment, the pair knew that they wanted a wedding venue as unique and memorable as their engagement.  Dayna wanted an outdoor ceremony and I’m so glad that she came here.  Thankfully, we can be very flexible at OHS with rain backups.  We always reserve a indoor location, just in case of bad weather.

Dayna said, “Erin showed us the whole Ohio Village and talked about the different options there, the most popular being the lovely little church. We also toured the inside of the museum and talked about all of the possibilities it had to offer. When Matt and I left together, we turned to each other and said, almost at the same time, ‘I really like it!’”

Map_Front_Draft1 copy

As you can see in the map above (isn’t she artistic?), the couple decided to use our space to its fullest: the ceremony was outside in the village and the cocktail hour was on the Plaza Green while the wedding party took great pictures out on the village grounds.  Everyone then moved inside to the Plaza Terrace for dinner.  After their meal together, the bride and groom led their guests down to the exhibit floor for dancing and cake.  “Our guests had the opportunity to experience the whole Ohio History Center and Village, which brought a great element of fun to our wedding,” Dayna explains.

Ceremony LocationMatt and Dayna

The Guests enjoyed cocktail hour out on the Plaza Green and when we were ready to announce the bride and groom, they took their seats for dinner inside on the Plaza.  Dayna introduced me to her caterer, Freedom a La Cart, a few months before her wedding and I’m so happy to have a relationship with them now.   Not only was the Ohio-grown food amazing and the staff incredible to work with, the revenue from the catering goes to support women who are recovering from abuse.  It is an amazing cause to support.  Here is the menu that they created for Dayna and Matt:

Blue cheese and walnut spread with veggies and pita
House made chorizo puffs
Pulled Pork or Gaucho meet with a cilantro cream sauce,
pico de gallo, chimichurri or creamy corn sauce
Spoon Bread; Roasted Asparagus; Green Salad.

Everyone raved about the amazing food.  Be sure to check them out here: Freedom a la Cart 
Or email them at tabitha@domaconnection.org

Cocktail Hour

Plaza Green

Plaza Terrace


After dinner, everyone moved to the exhibit floor for cupcakes and dancing.  Dayna says, “It was so much fun.  We took some time out to capture fun photos on the trolley and by the Mastodon, and enjoy the photo booth. Many of our families and friends who had children told us they loved that they were able to walk around the museum and experience the exhibits (though plenty of people stayed on the dance floor, too)!”

Dayna and Matt (both Ohio natives) decided to go with an awesome Ohio theme for their wedding based on our venue.  The guest favors were buckeyes and adorable Ohio shaped cookie cutters.  They also kept all of the details close to home by recruiting the help of family and friends.  My favorite detail:  Dayna’s friend who made eight different kinds of cupcakes based on some of the couple’s favorite places and events in Ohio—including the Studio 35 (a chocolate stout cake with popcorn frosting), the Ohio State Fair (a Krispy Kreme donut cake with a lemon slush glaze and cotton candy frosting), and the OSU (peanut butter and chocolate, of course). Seriously, those cupcakes were amazing!

dancing OHIOMuseum

bouquet toss

I absolutely love Dayna’s favorite memory: “I have many great memories of the day, but I think my very favorite was actually our last song—we danced to “Rainbow Connection” by Kermit the Frog. As soon as the music started, there was a collective feeling of joy and nostalgia, and Matt was incredibly sweet as he started singing along as we danced. It was a perfectly happy moment that connected our engagement in Disney World to our wedding here in Ohio.”

M and D archI’m not sure what I would pick for my favorite moment of the day.  The whole wedding was amazing and personal, but I’m going to choose the ceremony.  I love outdoor ceremonies at the Ohio Village and from the décor in the aisle, to the bunting on the fence, to the moment when Dayna walked through the picket-fence to go down the aisle, the ceremony was absolutely beautiful.  I’m honored to have helped them plan their special day and to be there to watch them in perfect happiness.

Dayna’s advice to brides:

Find ways to make your wedding your own. If you have talented friends and family members, fold them in. it makes your wedding so much more personal and it’s more fun to plan with people you know.

Also: You’re going to make it! It gets crazy and stressful there for awhile, but take it day by day and you’ll get through it. It’s worth it in the end when everything comes together just right!

Processional: La Rejouissance (The Rejoicing) from Royal Fireworks Music (Handel)

Recessional: Trumpet Tune (Purcell)

First dance: “Best Friend” by Queen

Take a look at the rest of the pictures from their wedding below.
Thank you Katie Ett from Ettible Photography!

A quick edit to the above post:  Dayna told me that her friend from One Lonely Apricot made the wedding map featured in this post and I want to give her a shout out.  How creative!

Elizabeth and Chad

Wedding Date: December 1, 2012

Coordinator: Erin 

Due to popular demand, especially from staff here at the Ohio Historical Society, it is time that I “wow” you readers with the most unique wedding I have had the pleasure of planning.  The first time Elizabeth and Chad came in to talk with me, they were already familiar with the reception space that they wanted.  They were frequent visitors of the museum and had their hearts set on our exhibit floor and Red Carpet Area for their one-of-a-kind event, telling me that it was exactly what they envisioned.  What they didn’t tell me, until about halfway through our meeting, was that they were having a themed wedding: a Star Wars themed wedding, to be exact.  Right away, I was excited.  Actually, our whole staff was excited.

Wedding invitation

“When my fiancé and I first began looking at wedding venues back in June, we knew that we wanted something unique and interesting that still worked within our budget. We had already decided that we were going to have a fully costumed, Star Wars-themed wedding in the early winter, and we really wanted the location to be as memorable as the event itself. We definitely found the perfect place in the Ohio History Center!” Elizabeth explained.  The Red Carpet Area ended up being a visually striking place for their ceremony and reception.

Star Wars Ceremony 3

Wedding Reception

With intergalactic thoughts and blasters in hand, they looked at other wedding venues and realized that some were not as accommodating when it came to non-traditional weddings.  Thankfully, Elizabeth and Chad are fans of Star Wars and history, so they came to us.   In Elizabeth’s words: “The museum was a place where people of all ages could be entertained and enlightened all evening.  It was more than just ‘a pretty place to eat and drink.’”  For receptions in our space, we keep the exhibits open so that guests can enjoy private browsing after hours.  The costume-clad guests took full advantage of the exhibit floor and our built-in photo booth.

Museum Browsing Photobooth

That first meeting with Elizabeth and Chad was only a short 6 months before their wedding date.  The months following were tons of fun.  Needless to say, I learned a lot about Star Wars to prepare for the event.  Elizabeth says, “We were very preoccupied during the last few months with creating costumes and props.  The more practical details of the event were the last things on our minds so we were thankful to have Erin as a coordinator. Based on what we had in mind and Erin’s experience with event planning, she made many great suggestions for the floor plan and ceremony setup.”

Every aspect of this wedding was creative –from the ceremony to the bar menu.  For this Star Wars Cantina, we created an a la carte bar menu to accommodate the special requests of the bride and groom.  We also had a drink ticket system in place so that the couple could stay on budget.  They brought themed drink tickets for their guests and an R2-D2 cooler that we used for soda!

R2D2 and Ticket

When Elizabeth and I were talking about her wedding, she said that her favorite part was the guest reaction: “All of our guests told us that we had ‘the coolest wedding ever’ and that the experience brought back fond memories of their own childhood field trips to the museum. We were delighted to hear so many kind comments, and to know that our wedding was so much fun for so many different people.”

It truly was an unforgettable event.  My favorite part of this wedding was the attitude of the couple during the planning process.  Elizabeth and Chad were incredibly excited – to the point of giddiness – about every little Star Wars-themed detail.  This made it a joy to work with them for those short 6 months.  Elizabeth: our staff at the Ohio Historical Society completely agrees with your wedding guests and we are honored to have shared the day with you!  We couldn’t resist stealing a picture with a member of the bridal party.


Elizabeth‘s advice to couples planning now:

It’s your day! Do what will make you both happy, and try to always have fun along the way. Definitely don’t stress yourself out too much about the little things; the evening will fly by in a blur either way, so just try to relax and enjoy the great event that you’ve worked so hard on. Finally, don’t be afraid to take people up on all their offers of assistance! Helpful friends and family are usually happy to remove some of the stress from the bride and groom on the wedding day.

Processional: Star Wars medley by John Williams

Recessional: Star Wars Main Title by John Williams / “Hybrid Moments” by The Misfits

First Dance: “Catch the Wind” by Donovan

Congratulations Elizabeth and Chad!  May the Force be with you!

Elizabeth and Chad 2

Adrianne and Rodney

Wedding Date: August 18, 2012

Coordinator: Erin and Jim

I know that I say this every time, but this blog entry is seriously one of my favorites.  Not because of it’s amazing beach theme and beautiful decorations.  Not because of the amazing food served by Weiland’s Gourmet Market.  It’s because this wedding was for one of the family!

Adrianne is one of our very own.  She was part of the event coordinator team here at the Ohio Historical Society for over six years and planned plenty of weddings while she worked with us.  It was so great to have her come back and use our spaces for her own celebration!

Beach Wedding Pictures

Adrianne and Rodney were married on the beach in Florida on June 17, 2012 surrounded by their closest friends and family.  It was an intimate and beautiful ceremony.  They wanted to celebrate with the rest of their loved ones, as well, so on August 18, 2012, they did just that.  With the tables clothed in a sandy-brown, starfish seat markers, and sandy centerpieces, the party was stunning.  Two-hundred and ten people joined Jim and I to shower Adrianne and Rodney with congratulations.

Red Carpet 2

Adrianne chose the Red Carpet Area of the museum for her celebration.  This space is right in the center of our museum floor and surrounded by the exhibits.  Adrianne explained, “I am very familiar with all of the wedding spaces at OHS, but I chose the Red Carpet Area because it is so unique.   When I worked here, weddings in that space were my favorite.  The Red Carpet is very dramatic and guests have a unique opportunity to tour the museum with a cocktail in hand.  This is perfect for the cocktail hour while they wait for the bride and groom to arrive.”  Their guests took full advantage of this amenity as they enjoyed the open-bar, compliments of the groom’s parents.

It is so nice when a bride knows the space so well and knows exactly how she wants it to look.  She can basically plan the wedding herself!  Rodney, however, was still on the fence about the event space.  He couldn’t see how we could bring the feel of their beach wedding into the reception but we told him that he would just have to trust us.  Jim says: “For me, the highlight of their reception was when Rodney came to me right before it started and said, ‘I had my doubts, but you pulled it off!  It looks perfect!'”

Weiland's Buffet

When the cocktail hour was over the guests made their way to the tables and took their seats.  Weiland’s Gourmet Market catered the event and prepared an amazing buffet with food grilled fresh at our venue.

Honey Soy Glazed Grilled Boneless Pork Chops
Teriyaki Marinated Chicken & Veggie Kebobs
Herb Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes
Fresh Green Beans Almondine
Cranberry, Mandarin Spinach Salad with Crumbled Goat Cheese Served with Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing
Assorted Rolls & Homemade Fresh Herbed Foccacia Breads with Butter
Vegetarian Option – Eggplant stuffed with Quinoa

Steve, from Weiland’s, catered many events for Adrianne while she worked here, so it was no surprise to us that she would choose him to cater her own reception.  He and his whole team did an incredible job.

As dinner wrapped up, Adrianne and Rodney thanked all of their guests for coming and invited them to view their wedding video.  The Red Carpet Area was perfect for this part of the evening, as well.  Guests could stay in their seats and see the video, projected onto the museum’s presentation screen.  “This was my favorite part of the reception,” says Adrianne.  “Having all of our friends and family watch the projection screen and see our beach wedding was wonderful.  They were able to see the highlights of our wedding day, witness our sand ceremony and hear us exchange vows.”  The background music to the video was the couple’s wedding song: Free by Zac Brown Band.

DancingI have to agree with Adrianne that this was the most special part of the evening.  I certainly recommend this to anyone who has a destination wedding.  Come back home and share those special memories with the rest of your loved ones who couldn’t make the trip.

When the video ended, the DJ (Fiesta Sounds) invited the couple onto the dance floor where they danced to their song together.  After one more song for all of the married couples (the Anniversary Dance), the rest of the guests joined them on the dance floor for an energetic evening.   With an open bar adjacent to the dance floor and the museum open for their browsing, this was a great celebration.

Helping Adrianne with her wedding was so exciting and extremely rewarding.  The tables had turned and one of our own was celebrating her marriage.  We knew we had to make it special, and I think we did just that.

True to her event planning past, Adrianne’s advice to future brides is simple and sweet:

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Congratulations Adrianne and Rodney!  We are so happy for you both!

Adrianne, Rodney and Friends